Ride to Shine does not accept donations. We instead encourage the commitment of your time and knowledge. You can partner by offering future opportunities for our pool of talented children, or partner with one of our many events.

Ride to Shine will make its trust fund public on the completion of its Equestrian Centre.


Corporate Partnerships

We work with international organisations and educational institutions to create partnerships for talented African children to intern in international organisations, and create educational opportunities for talented children.

Contact us click here to offer a partnership program.


Corporate Sponsor

To Sponsor an Equestrian Centre event or side board, email Sponsor@Ridetoshine.org


Employment and Volunteering

We do not currently have any employment or volunteer opportunities available at Ride to Shine. However, if you would like to receive information on developments like this at Ride to Shine, please register for our updates.

If you are interested in volunteering or working in international development at the centre, please email volunteer@ridetoshine.org to register your interest.